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  • NameDareld Phillips
  • Cell916-532-9107
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  • PositionAgent/Licensee, MENTOR, National Team Leader, Pricing Strategist, Pricing Strategy Advisor, REALTOR®, sales
  • DesignationNAR-National Association of Realtors, Realtor®, CMPSS Master (Creative Markting & Professional Sales Services)
  • LanguagesEnglish

About Dareld

Hi, my name is Dareld Phillips Sr., of “The Phillips Team.” I go by “Coach Dareld.” I do not just want to help you find or sell your home. I want “The Phillips Team” to become your entire family and friends’ - “Lifetime Real Estate/Financial Superhero!” covering “ALL” of your Real Estate NEEDS!!! I have been COACHING Licensed Real Estate Agents, and personal clients on different elements of real estate, for over a dozen years.

Including, teaching equity secrets that the banks do not want you to know, on how to save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, over the course of any home loans.

Also, including How, Why, and When to use an FHA HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage), for Purchase. This FHA Loan allows Seniors 62 and over to purchase a home, with 50% or less down, from the funds of the sale of their current home and /or savings, and NEVER have a house payment again.

I have taught Americans how to purchase real estate, and Coached Real Estate Agents on how to sell, and purchase, Real Estate, in Mexico, through a “Fediecomiso” (a real estate bank trust).

I have taught and coached on how to purchase and hold real estate investments in qualified retirement programs, such as, IRA's - 401k's - 403b's - 457's etc. A qualified retirement holding, that less than 2% of all Americans are even aware, is available to them (2% of Americans know this law, and that 2% controls 80% of the currency of this country).

I have taught a coached on how to purchase into LLC.’s for Land Development Deals, Real Estate Investment Trust (R.I.T.'s), and Triple Net (NNN) Deals. So that, the average investor can reap the benefits that, most feel, are only available to the very wealthy.

I have recently left training, for "The Career Compass" (#1 ranked Real Estate Training by Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Pro Magazine, and "Best Technic- Training for the New Millennium" by Real Estate Consultants), of which I am 1 of 4 CMPSS Masters (Creative Marketing & Professional Sales Services - Master) in the Nation. To become a CMPSS Master means that I Mastered 113 Real Estate Marketing Techniques - 3 Dimensionally: 1) Learned so that I can do it, for others, 2) Learned so that I can teach it to others, for others, 3) Learned so that I can teach others, to teach it, for others. And, I was one of only two qualified trainers to train on stage, during Career Compass’ 3 Day Training Seminars.

“The Phillips Team” is now PROUD to have joined EXP Realty. We feel that we can reach out and help more people, and more real estate agents, for their family’s future, through the EXP’s cloud base program.

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Address: 2603 Camino Ramon Suite 200
San Ramon, CA 94583
Cell: 916-532-9107
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